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Fourth Chinese etiquette leisure products innovative design exhibition held in Beijing

 November 25 to 29, the fourth Chinese etiquette Innovative Design Exhibition and Leisure Products Leisure Products China Sourcing etiquette in Beijing grand start. As China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo overflow, this event: rich, diverse, creative abundant; by the community, professional and major media buyers a warm welcome and praise. Our total forest as the General Assembly invited guests attended the ceremony national characteristics leisure products the news conference, video animation derivatives industry, Matchmaking, Matchmaking points for gifts, the fourth Chinese etiquette leisure products and innovative designs such as the opening exhibition series of activities. 25 night total, and including State Councilor Lin Liu Yandong, Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi, also attended, including other guests enjoyed the “creative Chinese Fantasy World,“ a variety show.
    Derivatives in the TV animation industry Matchmaking, the total forest and animation from the country, including CCTV, Shanghai Fine Arts studios, etc., more than a dozen film and television animation business upstream authority responsible for a positive and constructive dialogue, cause a number of TV animation business interest. Some animation and media companies heard about my company and said the briefing related to animation production and to enter the derivatives market, the other can not wait to data submitted to the project co-intention total hands of the forest, hoping to in-depth exchange of co-operation to discuss film and television animation.
    Another ritual leisure goods at the Fourth China launched innovative design behind the scenes, the NPC Standing Committee, China Light Industry Federation Honorary President Chen Shineng, Vice President and Secretary-General Shi-Cheng Wang and other leading Austrian optical company where my booth tours, and with the total forest a cordial exchange. 

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